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Prof (Dr.) B.L. Raina

Prof (Dr.) B.L. Raina

Background & Educational Qualification

Backed by an exceptionally brilliant academic record, Prof. Raina has been engaged in administration, teaching & research for nearly 35 years. He was awarded prestigious national fellowship and a faculty position of “TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH” (T.I.F.R), Bombay, INDIA wherein he spent four years of research work and then proceeded to US on an International “FULLBRIGHT” fellowship to obtain his M.Tech & PhD from ‘USC’, Columbia, USA.


           Based on Dr. Raina’s exemplary research work written at an early age which were received with tremendous response over the years by eminent scholars and were published by various journals of repute including ‘American Mathematical Society’ (January 1969, page 48-51) which was also widely acclaimed and often cited (e.g., See A. Del Cintel, 2008-SPRINGER) helped various eminent scholars like Prof. ANDRE WILE of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY to draw a vital connection between the ELLIPTIC CURVES and MODULAR FORMS ( See Ribet: Tanahama-Shimura Conjecture, 1986) leading him eventually to the famous solution in 1995 of even more famous CONJECTURE called ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ (See Annals of Mathematics, 142 (1995), 443-551 ), unsolved for the last 350 years. This work earned Dr. willes well deserved ‘KNIGHT HOOD’ & a most prestigious award of ‘FIELDS MEDAL’ given every four years.

          Dr. Raina’s results have also helped in the development of many subjects and more recently in ‘CALABI-YAU’ spaces & ‘STRING’ Theory’ thereby unifying the laws of Quantum Physics & Einstein’s General Relativity. The computer visualization of quintic Fermat surfaces gives rise to a manifold called ‘Calabi-Yau’ space having ten dimensions with vanishing RACCI Tensor and with well known Topology and Algebraic equations. While Dr. Witten was offered Nobel Prize for refining the String Theory, Dr. You at Harvard was also awarded Nobel Prize for proving the existence of a metric on the ‘Calabi-Yau’ space which is exactly the Einstein’s metric. Dr. Raina’s present research interest is to describe this metric which will have enormous implications for String Theory in Astronomy and in unifying the theory of relativity with that of Quantum Laws of Physics. Should this task be successful, it will also prove that there are not only four but eleven dimensions of space and possibly, even multi- universe?

          In USA, Prof. Raina taught for more than 15 years at various Universities including ‘UNC’ at Chapel Hill;’ ‘E.C.U’ in Greenville;’ ‘DUKE UNIVESITY’ in Durham; etc. During his entire stay of more than 27 years in the US, Dr. Raina has obtained many grants consultancies from industries like IBM, NSC, AT&T and University of Florida, Gainesville.

           While Dr. Raina was declared the best researcher in ‘Research Triangle Park’, USA in 1994, he was also awarded many prestigious awards and was adjudged & published as “WHO’S WHO” in many publications & journals --the most recent being ‘Asia/Pacific’ (XI edition, February 2012, page 316) and ‘Reguerdon Inc.’-ACHIEVERS INDIA-NATION’S WHO’S WHO (May 2012 edition)

           During his tenure as C.E.O of “Divergent Technologies, Inc.”, NC, USA, Dr. Raina is credited with technology transfers (in collaboration with National Semiconductors at Santa Clara) of “High Speed C-MOS” (process) devices like ‘74HC74‘to several companies in different countries including SCL- ‘Semi Conductor Complex Ltd.’, Mohali, Chandigarh, India.

Experience: (Total: 30+ yrs)

VC/Director: (8+Yrs) Professorship: (12 Yrs) Research: (4 Yrs) Industry: (10 Yrs)

Dr. Raina is in the advisory board of the following institutions:

1 MRK Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rewari, HRY

2 Demontfort University, Licester , UK

3 Starex International, Gurgaon, HRY

4 Allgoal, Hero Honda chawk, HRY

5 YITE, Naurnol, Rewari, HRY

And the x-faculty at:

1 TIFR-Bombay, INDIA (Research Faculty)

2 ECU, Greenville, USA (Faculty)

3 Divergent Technologies, Inc-USA (CEO)

4 GITM Group, Gurgaon-INDIA (Director)

5 Sun Rise University, Alwar (Vice-Chancellor)