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Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dear Prospective Students,

A warm welcome to the Glocal Community! On behalf of the Glocal University management I would like to sincerely thank you for selecting the Glocal University for your studies.

The higher education sector is passing through a rapid transformation, both in India and across the world and we believe that the Glocal University is an experiment in setting and achieving new standards of pedagogic quality in such a context. The conventional wisdom about the 'quality' of education, be it teaching, research, or co- and extra-curricular activities, the measures of performance have changed. Mere degree from a reputed institution is no longer sufficient for a successful career. The distinction between the real and the virtual is blurring. The 'classroom' is no longer confined to the physical space of the four walls of learning. The knowledge question has become a dynamic one, pushing all, ranging from young students to experienced professors, to make it a lifetime engagement and continuous upgrading of skills and understanding.

The Glocal University is a young institution, but has a high ambition to embrace the challenges presented by the new context of higher education. We strive to make the university the right destination for all those who aspire to receive quality higher education that fuses global visions and local wisdom, combines imparting of skills with broader perspectives, and where learning is a continuous process both within the classroom and outside with all the joy of life and seriousness of knowledge. I am happy that you will soon become an integral part of this growing community and feel confident and comfortable to play an active role in making the idea of Glocal into a worthy destination for higher education in the country.


1. To set in motion a bold & compelling strategy to achieve eminence for the University.

2. To ensure that every student gets the best opportunity to build a career.

3. To build the culture of research, innovation & excellence while being firm on Values.

Having taught in US & in INDIA at the reputed Universities & Institutions has made Dr. Om Kumar Harsh visionary and an accomplished team leader, Dr. Om Kumar Harsh has obtained a vast experience and a strong background in academic leadership to achieve national recognition, work with the faculty to shape the overall strategy to achieve and assure the quality programs, lead the program development, student recruitment, foreign collaborations and partnerships. While he is strongly committed to impart value-based quality education, produce myriad merits in the university examinations and explore all the avenues for maximum employability, yet he is emotionally committed to the cause of education and his aim, objective and vision is nothing less than excellence in academics leading students to the avenues in placements making parents proud of their wards on whom they pin up all the future hopes and dreams.

Dr. Om Kumar Harsh who presently occupies the post of vice chancellor will make certain fundamental changes in teaching methodologies which will not only improve the results substantially but will put University uniquely at the top in the entire state & as such will initiate a radical & creative thinking with dedication among the faculty in the entire campus. The University has designed a unique learning experience that focuses on all round student development while imparting high quality education to the students. Although, Prof. Om Kumar Harsh is fully committed to develop the campus as one of the finest and most impressive university in the country for imparting quality education achieving academic excellence, yet he strongly believes that this cannot be achieved unless five pillars of quality education are not strong enough to withstand the weight of the globalization of education. These five pillars are:






Our mission is to develop young leaders capable of providing insightful direction to any organization and thereby creating a knowledgeable, loyal and dedicated human resource. While our Country is passing through a phase of economic and developmental renaissance, challenges contribute to the process of growth and development which is sustainable and in harmony with Mother Nature. We all are living in an era of unprecedented change where many opportunities await us. How we make use of these depend on in what we do and how we choose to do it.

Vice Chancellor