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Welcome to Glocal Law School, a premier institution of legal education in the State of Uttar Pradesh. It gives me enormous pleasure to be part of the historical moment of creation of a world class institution of higher learning in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. Glocal Law School (GLS) Glocal University has been established with a mandate to transform and redefine the process of legal education and to create a sui generis legal education system primed to chisel a new generation of lawyers who are able, competent and humane and who would permeate into the structure of legal system of this country and the world to meet the challenges of human society in the new millennium. GLS aims to produce lawyers who are able to transgress the traditionalism of law, and forge a new human and just world legal order.

Education at GLS aims not merely to award degree in law but at producing a league of lawyers that would think, and find their way to socio-legal justice meandering through narrow and broad pathways of legal texts. The beautiful campus provides an excellent ambience for not only education but also health and overall development of students under the microscopic care of our teachers who are drawn from reputed National Law Universities of the Country. GLS is a place of learning which is not limited or restricted to a particular group or individual, but is ready to welcome everyone from all walks of life with open arms in order to provide the finest well designed courses and activities to enhance the prudence and to sharpen the young minds in the capacity of legal professionals, judges, eminent jurists, legislators, administrators, executors, arbitrator, mediator etc.

I would like to appeal to all the student community and other stakeholders that make your choices with a deep focused awareness of the incredibly, privileged position that you are in by virtue of holding a degree from his esteemed law school, by being part of this legacy and movement of social change you will have doors open to you which are not open to others. Be crusaders of justice, truth and human rights. We would be adopting various new methods of learning and understanding with the help of latest technology and the best available resources in the coming years.

I am open to new and innovative ideas and would like to reach out to every stakeholder. Your valuable suggestions will help us in achieving our goals.

On behalf of GLS, I wish everyone all the best and brilliant success in future and invite you to be part of this virtuous endeavor.

Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh
Head of School